Edward Bass Producer is a popular filmmaker, writer, story developers and film director. There are so many films buffs are around this and he is one amongst them. He has been attached to the film industry since his childhood and used to love watching films a lot. During his childhood, he spent a lot of time in production houses, watching how films are made in the backstage. This not only gave him the idea about filmmaking but also helped him immensely to become a true film lover. He found filmmaking so interesting that later in his life; he decided to try his hands in this profession. So far he is successful as a film story writer, dramatist, etc. and now as a producer, his first film is coming soon.

The film industry is a moderate industry and it depends on a lot of social factors. It is said that the film industry is the mirror of society. Those films, which represent the society properly and can provide a fun time to the viewers, are considered to be the successful films of all time. Thus, making a film is not easy as a filmmaker has to analyze the society well and based on that analysis films are developed. Apart from good story, casting, location selection and other important things, budget is one of the biggest factors that influence the overall success of a film. We have seen inpast that even though not having strong storyline, many film managed to do well due to aggressive film marketing. While, on the other hand, many good films have not been recognized as they failed get the proper attention.

Edward Bass Producer understands all these aspects of filmmaking precisely. He never underestimates any challenges in this field and that is the secret weapon of his success. From his love and affinity towards films and film industry, Edward Bass Film School has been initiated by him. He is the sole director of this organization or institute, where several aspects of filmmaking are taught to the students with utmost perfection. He shares his filmmaking ideas, film producing experiences to aid the future filmmakers.